Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Edith Turns 2 1/2

April 25, 2015 - My favorite recent photo of Edith

On Thursday Edith turned exactly 2 1/2 -- not exactly a banner occasion, but one I marked (in my mind, at least) all the same. It's hard to believe how different she is from even six months ago, let alone last year at this time.

She can recite the alphabet with very little help. Counting to 10 is no problem, and sometimes she can even get to the mid-teens. She knows all the colors and basic shapes, although pentagons and octagons look the same to her.

Her favorite activities: blowing bubbles and swinging. She could spend all day at the playground, and she can even climb on the big-kid equipment. Going down the twirly slide is a recent accomplishment that always brings smiles.

Edith's vocabulary has exploded. She might not always speak in absolute full sentences, but she generally can get her point across with the main nouns: "Daddy - car - work." And speaking of cars, she can certainly tell you the color of Daddy's car and Mommy's car (otherwise known as Edith's car, since that's where her seat is!), as well as the color of our house.

She transitioned from her crib to a twin bed -- AKA her "big girl bed" -- just a couple of weeks ago, and she loves it. But I don't love it all the time since she really likes to play with her toys instead of going straight to sleep during her afternoon nap.

Edith can't get enough books. I think she would stay on my lap indefinitely as long as I was reading to her. She's begun flipping through them on her own at times too. She watches some TV a few times a week, but that doesn't stop her from regularly requesting "Super Why!" Other faves: "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" and "Curious George." "Sesame Street" is good, too -- especially the parts with Abby Cadabby. Edith pretends that her plastic pinwheel is her fairy wand.

Sure, she can be a handful at times. But it's hard to stay mad when she says things like, "More kisses, please!"

And, of course, she loves her baby brother. Far from worrying about jealousy, I'm more concerned that she's annoying him with too many hugs.

So that's my little/big girl at 2 1/2 years. Always growing, always changing and ever so sweet.

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