Monday, February 10, 2014

The Best Cookie of All Time: Northstar Cafe's Chocolate Truffle Cookie

When I buy a dessert, it is rarely a cookie. I usually go for a slice of cake or pie: something big, rich and dense. But Northstar Cafe's chocolate truffle cookie fits the bill and holds its own against almost
any other dessert I've ever had.

Northstar is one of my favorite restaurants in all of Columbus, and luckily one of its locations is only a mile from our house. I keep meaning to do a blog post about the place, but the food is so good that I always eat it before I remember to take a photo of it.

As you can see, that was almost the case with this cookie, too.

The cookie is soft and moist, with big chocolate chunks accenting every bite. I'm often so full from my brunch or dinner that I can't even finish the cookie. More for home!

The chocolate truffle cookie is $3 well spent, and I hear that they are even cheaper in the morning if the restaurant has any left from the day before. Truly the best cookie I've ever eaten.


  1. Though it's richer than any brownie I've ever had. Sooooooo good!



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