Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Surprising Love of the Olympics

The most strenuous game I actually enjoy playing is a rousing round of croquet. Maybe badminton. That being the case, it's surprising how much I love watching the Olympics.

Nevertheless, our TV has been on nonstop each evening with coverage from Sochi -- a big change, since I generally only watch an hour or so of television each night. But over the last week and a half, NBC gets flipped on when Edith goes to bed at 8:30, and it doesn't come off for the next three hours or so.

I love the figure skating, of course, but I also look forward to watching the ski and snowboard events. For a few minutes, at least, I get just as nervous for the U.S. competitors as I ever do for the Ohio State football team. That's really saying something for a central Ohio resident.

What I haven't enjoyed is hearing about the weather in Russia. Often, it's been colder here at home than it is there. Seeing all that snow both there and at home only makes me yearn for spring ... and maybe the summer Olympics.

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