Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Main Library Playtime in Downtown Columbus

Columbus is blessed with one of the best library systems in the country. We use it a lot -- both to check out books and for our local branch's story times.

What I didn't realize until we moved back here, however, is that the library also doubles as an indoor playground. In fact, the main library downtown has a large play area that I spied when we visited the holiday train display in December.

On Friday I decided that Edith and I would check it out for real. I'm glad we did. We went alone, but most of the time there were other kids for her to play with. And even by herself, she seemed to have fun exploring.

The miniature kitchen was just her size, and the light table also captured her attention. The large area also included a puppet show station, blocks, a train table and magnetic games. Toward the entrance was a large castle-like structure that you could climb -- I'm sure that will be a hit as she grows older.

I would say that the library's play area is like a miniature COSI, but less crowded and with more convenient parking. (The library has an attached garage that is free for the first hour and 50 cents for the second hour. We were there about 90 minutes.) We shall return.

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