Thursday, January 3, 2008

Home to Ohio

We just got back Tuesday night from a 12-day trip back to Ohio, and our car was more crammed than when we actually moved here in October.

A lot of it was groceries-- I stocked up on stuff that's expensive or hard to find in New York. That included eight jars of salsa. Now I can make quesadillas whenever I want.

The car trunk also held our Christmas presents, but most of those were small. My mom gets her shopping done early. Before we knew that we were coming home, she had bought us presents she could easily ship to us.

And some things are just more convenient to bring by car-- like the computer printer I stuffed in the back seat. I didn't want to lug one home by subway.

Anyway, I had a wonderful week-and-a-half, even though it obviously went by much too quickly. We didn't get to see all the friends we had hoped, and some probably didn't even know we were in town. But I did see almost my entire family and enjoyed a traditional Friday night at the Ravari Room with Sam and Don.

The drive to Defiance wasn't so bad-- I was excited and the traffic was light (although it took us about twice as long to get out of the city as I expected do to a wrong turn or two-- I take full responsibility!). The drive back was gloomy, snowy and depressing. Skybus starts flying about an hour north of New York this month, so hopefully we won't drive to Ohio often (or ever).

I have so much to say, but I don't have the energy to sit in front of the computer any longer today. Work's been busy. Even though I've only worked two days this week, I already have nearly 20 hours. But it's a short week, and I'm not complaining.


  1. It was so great seeing you guys! I had a fabulous time and I got very sad when we left.

    Hope you had fun on New Year's Eve. Rumba was OK. I wasn't feeling too good and it was super loud, so we couldn't have actually talked anyway. But a bizarre set of hippie acrobats performed during the band break.

    But I'm soooo looking forward to visiting in the spring (April or May -- Don and I will nail down a date soon).

  2. I only got to go home for about two days. Luckily, my family is about a 3.5 hour drive from Baltimore--only about as far away as I was in college. Catherine may come down to visit later this month, but she wants to fly even though she's only coming from Pittsburgh....we're trying to get her a cheap, direct flight.

    WHEN you come to Baltimore, you should definitely take the train. It's supposedly a pretty fast way to go from Balto-Philly-NYC.

    Happy New Year!!!



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