Sunday, January 20, 2008

Never a bad time for a cupcake

Paul and I have started a ritual of visiting the Little Cupcake every week or two. Cupcake bakeries seem to be fairly common throughout New York (and I believe there was even one opening in the Columbus suburb of Worthington shortly before we moved, so I think it's spreading).

I love the Little Cupcake because of the ambiance (chandeliers on the ceiling and bright pink to-go boxes, for starters), the frosting (rich buttercream and others) and the hours (open until 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays). Paul likes the coffee and neon frosting. When it comes to dessert, the more unnatural the color, the better he likes it.
I've actually never had a whole cupcake there. I go straight for the three-layer cakes. Brooklyn Blackout, Coconut Cloud, Oreo and my favorite, German Chocolate. And I still have so many more to try!
Also, they decorate for the holidays. This photo was taken shortly after we moved here, as you can tell from the pumpkin in the background. At Christmas, a huge tree sat in the window, which was especially nice since we didn't have one in the apartment. Last night I noticed the Valentine's Day decorations.
Anyway, if you pay us a visit and are in the mood for sweets, this is where I would take you. Unless you want a cannoli, put that's a whole different post.

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