Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Drinking your Sunday brunch

Sunday brunch is big here. Since it's my favorite meal of the week, that's fine by me. Who doesn't love choosing from pancakes, omelets and french toast throughout the early afternoon?

Most of the brunches around here come with a drink for free- normally a mimosa, Bloody Mary or a draft beer. The place we went to Sunday in our neighborhood went a little beyond that.

For $16, you get your meal and all the alcoholic drinks you can down while you're eating. I didn't take advantage of that (I don't think I could drink my money's worth), but Paul did. I'm not sure I had ever seen him eat so slow-- or drink a Bloody Mary so fast. Along with his two drafts, it probably was a good deal, although maybe not the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Paul, I think, had a blast. He said it was the only place he'd ever visited where the more he drank, the thriftier he was.

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