Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Mother's Day

My traditional Mother's Day gift has been a day without changing diapers -- not so feasible this year, with two kids in diapers, including one that can go through more than 10 a day. Instead, I got some amusing stories.

Our church on Sunday morning passed out long-stemmed carnations. I was handed a pink one, along with a "Happy Mother's Day!" Edith wanted to hold it. She then proceeded to bite the stem, which soon after broke in half. I was then ordered to "fix it."

After church we got groceries. There I was handed another carnation, and Edith received a pink balloon and a life lesson regarding helium. Despite the clip at the end of the balloon string, it floated way up to the ceiling in a few short minutes. The carnation made it a little longer -- Edith waited until we got home to pluck every petal onto the kitchen floor.

The "Happy Mother's Day" that Edith heard earlier in the day at church stuck with her, because she continued to repeat it all day while trying to hand me what was left of the pink carnation. Soooo cute! Until I heard her ask where "Happy Mother's Day go?" I then realized she thought the flower's name was Happy Mother's Day. When Paul asked who her mother was, she said "daddy."

Good stories are better than chocolate or jewelry anyway.

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