Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Atticus Gets Baptized

Sunday afternoon was hot, humid, busy and exciting. Atticus was baptized in front of about 20 relatives from Columbus, northwest Ohio and Indiana. And thanks to Atticus's godmother Emily, and Emily's mother Annette (who happens to be my godmother), I already have a nice collection of photos from the ceremony.

Obviously the religious component of the day makes baptism meaningful. But in addition, this was the first event in which Atticus was the center of attention in our family, aside from the day of his birth -- which hardly counts!

Everything went smoothly. Atticus didn't even make a peep as the holy water was poured onto his head. I got photos of every possible family combination after the ceremony was over. The food at our party afterword was plentiful. Even one set of my grandparents -- Atticus's great-grandparents -- were able to attend.

And to make the day even more significant, Atticus wore the same outfit that my father wore when he was baptized more than 60 years ago.

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