Friday, July 3, 2009

Road Tripping from New York City

When explaining the location of my hometown to people who have never heard of Defiance (or, for that matter, Toledo or Fort Wayne), I generally list the major cities within a four hour drive.

Draw a circle connecting the dots of Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Chicago, and Defiance is pretty much in the middle.

OK, so it's more of an oval than a circle, but you get the idea. Defiance might not be an ideal location for day-trippers, but it's in a pretty good location for long weekends.

Living in New York City, I now have a whole new batch of cities within an 8-hour drive. Before moving here, I'd never explored the Northeast further than New York state. And really, does Buffalo count as the Northeast?

Now I've seen all of the Northeast states except Rhode Island. (A last-minute plan to visit Providence last fall was squashed when we couldn't get a hotel room.)

We started our road-tripping a year ago this weekend:

Portland, Maine, Independence Day 2008

Montreal, Quebec, Labor Day 2008

Baltimore, Maryland, December 2008

Burlington, Vermont
, President's Day 2009

We've visited the cities that are the furthest drives, and the remainder on our to-see list can be done on a regular two-day weekend. That includes Boston and Providence, and two cities I visited years and years ago: Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

If anyone has any other suggestions of places to visit in the Northeast, please leave a comment!

So I have slowly but surely upped the number of states I have visited to 35. I know I still have a long way to go. I'll check Hawaii, Utah and a few others off of my list sooner or later. But I'm struggling with Idaho ... and Oklahoma ... and Mississippi ...


  1. I love New Hampshire. I have an aunt and uncle who live right on the coast in Hampton Beach ... It's lovely, and there's lots of history stuff in Portsmouth.

  2. You can visit my parents. They live in Mississippi. :)

  3. I second New Hampshire -- If you're up for adventure, you could drive to the top of Mount Washington (or just pay to have a seat in a van up there, like I did -- I'm sure I would have driven myself right off a cliff.)

    Also, how about Saratoga Springs? I only drove through Saratoga at night but it looked like a really charming place. You could see the springs, go to the horse races at the Saratoga Race Course (it has a big meet all summer starting in July), and of course explore the Adirondacks.

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