Thursday, July 23, 2009

Madison Square Park at Night

Empire State Building, from Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park is probably best known for the Shake Shack.

I first visited this spring, on an evening which shall henceforth be known as my May day of eating. The shack is famous not only for its shakes, but also for its burgers. Unfortunately I've had neither, unless you count a stolen bite or two from Paul's ice cream in May.

That didn't change last weekend, when we split a chocolate concrete filled with brownie bits, chocolate chunks and chocolate sprinkles. The ice cream's great, and so is sitting outdoors on a cool summer evening.

Even if you're not hungry, Madison Square Park is worth a visit for the views alone. The famous Flatiron Building is just steps away, and just look north for a glimpse of the Empire State Building.

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