Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brooklyn Bridge: Daytime Photos

The Brooklyn Bridge: An iconic symbol of New York City, and one I hadn't visited in the daytime since we moved here almost two years ago.

I see the Brooklyn Bridge in the daytime at least once or twice a week, usually when I take a train that crosses the East River on the parallel Manhattan Bridge. And I've crossed the bridge by foot in the evening -- the bright lights of Manhattan beautiful but unable to be captured by my weak camera.

So camera in hand and sun in sky, Paul, Allison, Phil & I walked the Brooklyn Bridge on the 4th of July. The photos were fantastic, but the crowds less so. Walkers kept bleeding into the bike lane, much to the annoyance of bicyclists unafraid to ring their bells and make snide comments which we probably deserved as they pedaled by.

Nevertheless, I ducked between the crowds and bikes, pointed my camera up and finally got the photos I'd long been seeking.

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