Friday, October 4, 2013

A Walking Taco by Any Other Name (Is a Frito Pie)

Sometimes you just want a taco in a bag.

I hadn't had a walking taco in at least 10 years, since my days hanging out at the Defiance County Fair. So when I saw one on the menu of a vendor at our neighborhood's recent arts and music festival, there was no doubt what I was going to order.

I had a walking taco in another form right here in Columbus, not long before we moved to New York. I ordered a Frito pie, which is basically the same thing as a walking taco, minus the bag. In a nutshell: Fritos plus meat plus taco toppings.

But a walking taco is more fun. Basically you open an individual-size bag of Fritos and then dump in the meat, lettuce, tomatoes and whatever else you want. Then you eat the "taco" with a fork. And yes, you can eat it while walking. But is that really any different than your standard taco?

This particular taco was placed in a paper boat, which kind of defeated the purpose of placing it in the bag. But it didn't affect the taste. The crunchy Fritos turn nice and soft surrounded by the meat and tomatoes. And the last few bites -- surrounded by a pool of grease at the bottom of the bag -- are just as inedible as I remembered.

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