Friday, October 11, 2013

My Very Own Car

I've always gotten the hand-me-down car. I'm not complaining. I never wanted to spend the time researching new or used cars, and I didn't really care what I drove anyway. Four wheels and an air conditioner? Thank you, I'll be on my way.

So the three times we've purchased new-to-us used vehicles, Paul's done the legwork. It became my primary set of wheels only with the arrival of the next car.

That balance was thrown out of whack in New York. We replaced our old Saturn with a much newer Jetta only last year. But once we moved back to Ohio, we needed a second car. This time, it was up to me.

I wasn't excited about the research, but I knew what I wanted: a Prius. I was reminded by friends and family that this was not necessarily a great choice for a young family. I listened, but I also investigated. A Prius is no minivan, but it can fit three car seats in the back. Which is hopefully more than we'll ever need.

Assured that our family will fit, I was free to daydream about the gas mileage: 51/48. Then I did the real research, about the different models, features and generations.

Finally last Saturday, almost exactly six years after we sold off our second vehicle, we became a two-car family again. Never has a car felt more like mine than this blue 2011 Prius.

The car seat is already installed and fits better there than in the Jetta. And I have yet to buy a tank of gas.

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