Monday, June 3, 2013

Edith's First Food

I'm taking a break from my normal blogging this week, but I still have some special posts prepared for today, Wednesday and Friday: Photos of Edith.

I know what you're thinking: Isn't every other post about Edith already? I protest! Maybe when she was first born, but I'm trying not to make this a 100 percent mommy blog. Perhaps 33 percent, however. But I digress.

Today's topic: Edith's first food. I few days before she turned six months old, she ate her first solid: avocado. More of it ended up in her stomach than her bib, so I called it a success.

And yes, I -- the person who absolutely hates cooking -- am making all of her baby food. So far the avocado and bananas she's tried need only be smooshed with a fork, but I've whipped up sweet potato puree and pea puree, too. I've also ground rolled oats in a tiny food processor and cooked up some oatmeal for her.

I don't quite have my first Michelin star, but this is a big accomplishment for someone who hates turning on the stove for any reason other than boiling water. Our freezer is filled with food cubes waiting to be thawed for her next meal!

Gimme food!

Baby's first bite.

Daddy's turn to feed me!

Hmmm, interesting ...

You saw correctly -- her high chair is in the living room. The kitchen is too small, not to mention pretty dreary. So it's tucked between the couch and recliner. Another joy of New York City living!

The high chair is the same one my sister and I used as kids, and Edith is still a bit too small for it. The longer she sits in the chair, the further she tends to slip-slide down. When her chin starts to hit the tray (it gets closer and closer in each of the photos above!), it's time to pull her up and sit her up straight once again. She's still working on that whole sitting thing!

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