Friday, June 28, 2013

Edith Crosses the Brooklyn Bridge

My Brooklyn baby couldn't leave New York without first crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, could she? So last weekend Paul and I made our more-or-less annual trek, this time with Edith in tow.

Although the scenery changes very little from year to year, it's one I never tired of. I always loved making the walk with out-of-town visitors.

This time, however, we did something we rarely ever did when crossing the Brooklyn Bridge: We walked in both directions. The three of us started in Brooklyn and turned around only when we reached Manhattan. Usually we walk only in one direction, or cross halfway before backtracking.

The Brooklyn Bridge isn't too exciting for some babies.

The bridge is always crowded with sight-seers and bikers, and I was afraid that taking a stroller was going to be much more annoying than it actually was. But we weren't the only ones up there with a baby by far, and in a way the stroller was an asset. It parted the Red Sea of tourists.

Afterward we walked down to Brooklyn Bridge Park, but only long enough to get a few photos of Edith before her squeals were too much for even us to handle. So my Brooklyn baby is going to have to wait for a really good shot of her with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background!

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