Monday, August 22, 2011

Nighttime Comes to Brooklyn Bridge Park

I walk across the Brooklyn Bridge a few times a year, either with guests or with Paul. Over the years, I've watched the land under the bridge on the Brooklyn side turn slowly from gray to green as the Brooklyn Bridge Park came to life.

But while we watched the park take shape, neither Paul nor I had ever visited until Saturday night.

Only a few sections of the park are open, but that obviously hasn't stopped a mixture of locals and tourists from taking advantage of the wide yards and expansive views. Benches line the waterfront and small groups on blankets dot the lawns. It was practically impossible to snap a photo without a stranger stepping into view unless you pressed yourself against the railing.

I fully expected the amazing views. The park abuts the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, and I've absolutely loved being in the passenger seat the few times we've driven home from Queens or northern Brooklyn late at night. My nose is pressed against the window taking in the view while Paul keeps his eyes on the road.

So while I was busy snapping photos Saturday night, Paul got to enjoy the brightly lit bridges and skyscrapers. A nice change for him, I'm sure.

Pier 1 of the park is right next door to the River Cafe, a restaurant known as much for its view as its food, as well as the correspondingly high prices. For my money, I'd rather grab a taco at one of the pier's food carts and then snag a bench or a coveted table and chairs right next to the water. The food, no matter how top-notch, is always going to be a mere appetizer when you have a view like this for an entree.

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