Monday, August 15, 2011

An Evening at the Coney Island Brewing Company

I think Paul was surprised when I decided to tag along.

His brewing buddy from the neighborhood heard of a new brewery in Coney Island that was holding its grand opening celebration last Wednesday, so he and two friends decided to check it out. Although I nearly always stay home when Paul's hanging out with the guys, this time I decided to see what it was all about.

I'll admit, however, that I was there mostly for Coney Island and not for the beer. This week's blog posts are dedicated to Coney Island and what it looks like as the sun sets on a weeknight in this coastal neighborhood.

Today, the brewery. Coney Island Brewing Company bills itself as the world's smallest brewery, and it's difficult to believe that's not the case. The gimmick is that it brews only a gallon at a time and has only a tasting room and gift shop -- all in a space about the size of a typical walk-in closet, just off Surf Avenue literally next door to the freak show.

The entire brewery

Brewery to the left of the balloons, freak show to the right

However, the brewing company is affiliated with Shmaltz Brewing Company, the craft brewery behind the Coney Island lagers and He'brew beers. Some of those fine beverages also seem to be sold in the tasting room.

I stuck around long enough to catch up with an old work friend who also happened to be at the opening, grab a sample of some bourbon-like beer and to hear how Paul and his friend may end up concocting a gallon of their own beer for the brewery. This may not be the last you hear of the Coney Island Brewing Company.

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