Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Coney Island's Wonder Wheel

Sometimes the best few minutes on "Saturday Night Live" are the opening sequence shots of Coney Island lit up at night, and I always watch for the Wonder Wheel.

It's my favorite single thing at Coney Island, and I haven't even taken a ride yet.

Ferris wheels are among the scariest things at amusement parks to me. Give me a 300-foot-tall roller coaster any day. At least there I'm securely strapped in. On a ferris wheel, I'm slowly swinging to my apparent death, secured only by something that barely passes for a seat belt.

But the Wonder Wheel is more of a thrill ride, which, oddly enough, I suspect would make me less scared simply because I'll be expecting the fear. The red and blue cars follow a track within the wheel, rushing to the inside and then the outside as the wheel turns.

I don't know if there are seat belts.

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