Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pretty in Pink, or Any Color

Sleepy baby.

When Paul and I found out our baby was to be a girl, we swore to each other that we would largely avoid pink.

But now, as Edith turns seven months old on Friday, I can say that is a promise we have largely broken.

Is it our fault she looks so darn cute in pink? But really, that's not even the reason she wears so many "girly" colors.

For one thing, we forgot about gifts. People love buying little girls pink outfits. Who can blame them when they're so adorable? And, in fact, one of my favorite outfits she wore as a newborn was emblazoned with pink strawberries -- and I bought that myself.

But I've also learned another reason why pink outfits are so convenient. One I didn't anticipate. Baby's outfit is largely the only thing strangers have to go on to determine whether said baby is a boy or a girl.

Tights say GIRL!

Honestly, people seem to have trouble with this 50/50 question quite frequently, no matter what she's wearing. Once I was asked when she was sporting pink camouflage pants. Really? Another time she was wearing a blue outfit adorned all over with pink flowers. REALLY?

So forget about it if she's wearing anything even slightly unisex. Yellow, white, red: They all beg the question.

I'm not offended when people ask. Her pediatrician even got it wrong during one visit! Truthfully, I've made the same mistake with at least one other baby. When they're this young, there's nothing that makes them look like a boy or a girl except their clothes and accessories. And don't think you're going to see Edith with her ears pierced anytime soon.


  1. I do hope you keep blogging when you move. I look forward to reading every MWF. Thanks for sharing your world. PS your Edith is adorable!

  2. Thank you so much! We think she's pretty adorable, too. :) And I'm not planning on retiring the blog anytime soon!



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