Monday, January 28, 2013

My Sister's Baby Shower

It seems like only yesterday that I had my own baby shower. And, in fact, it was less than five months ago. When my sister, Katie, hosted that one for me, she was in the throes of morning sickness. Now, with only four weeks or so to go until she has her own baby, it was her turn to be the guest of honor.

Selfishly, the shower was a great way for me to see my grandmothers and several of my aunts and cousins during my limited time in Ohio. But it was hardly a piece of cake (although I did have a delicious raspberry jelly-filled slice at the end). Finding the location, decorating, sending invitations, leading games -- there's a lot to do for even the simplest shower. And then there's the stress of making sure you're doing what the mother-to-be would like -- not just yourself!

Luckily I had assistance. Katie's sister-in-law sent invitations to that side of the family and brought half the food. My parents were invaluable as we gathered food and supplies. And my sister is certainly neither high-maintenance nor high-strung: a giant help.

Now the only thing to do -- for me, anyway -- is to wait for my new nephew to arrive!

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