Friday, January 11, 2013

Baby's First Road Trip

It's an exciting weekend: We'll be in Ohio tomorrow for the first time since Edith was born. But I'm also extremely nervous: We have a 500-mile drive to endure before we get there.

Normally I don't particularly mind the drive. I'm hoping that's the case tomorrow as well. But with a baby you never know. We'll see how long the normally 9-hour drive turns into when you factor in diaper changes, etc.

The four times she's ridden in a car have gone smoothly, but she hasn't been in her car seat enough for me to be confident that we're going to have a nice and quiet ride.

And I'm just talking about the drives to Ohio and back. I haven't even mentioned how nervous I am about the time we're actually spending there. I can count on my hands -- and maybe my toes -- the number of times Edith has left our apartment. I've never even changed her diaper outside of her nursery. Now we're going to be in a completely different environment.

But overnight outings have to start sometime. I know I'm certainly not planning on being cooped up until she's potty trained. So what better way to start than around your forgiving families?

On that note, winter break begins! New blog posts will start again on Wednesday, Jan. 23.

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