Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Edith's Baptism

Our recent weeklong trip to Ohio was spurred by two occasions: my sister's baby shower (more about that next week) and my daughter's baptism. The baptism was Saturday and the baby shower was Sunday. It was a busy weekend.

Luckily, I was looking forward to both. And the baptism was made even more special by the dress my daughter, Edith, was wearing. It was first worn by my mother on the occasion of her own baptism, followed by her sister. Then I, my younger sister and then my aunt's daughter all wore it for our respective baptisms. My cousin -- the last to wear it -- is now a high school junior, so it hasn't seen much use lately.

After not a little bit of searching, Mom found and dusted off the gown for Edith. She was as pretty as a picture in the dress, and her behavior during the mass was almost as pristine. The loudest wails were cried before the service started and not when the holy water was poured over her head!

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