Friday, August 17, 2012

Three Months til Baby

With the arrival of baby Edith just more than three months away, things are coming together.

Best of all, she can look forward to a new cousin not long after she herself makes her grand entrance: my sister, Katie, is due with her and her husband's first child in February!

On the home front, however, the last few weeks have seen my stomach expand from a softball to a soccer ball -- or at least it seems so to me. I definitely look pregnant in some clothes and pretty much all dresses, but sitting on the subway with my purse in my lap, I'm sure no one can tell.

Nevertheless, I'm feeling the extra weight, and noticing it in what I wear. It was a sad day when even my loosest shorts would fit no longer.

In the last month we've added a stroller and an area rug to our stock of baby-inspired purchases, and I got an infant "Anne of Green Gables" shirt on vacation in Prince Edward Island. The plan is to get a couple of things each week from here on out, in hopes of avoiding the inevitable stress as long as possible. The list is still long but not unmanageable.

The most frequent question I still get nowadays: how am I feeling? Luckily, the answer is still "pretty good."

On the downside, I can't walk as fast as I used to, and I'm not taking the stairs as much as I once did at work. And I did have a bout of sickness after eating my favorite sweet potato strings at a neighborhood restaurant last week.

But I feel energetic and excited, although more and more nervous about the birth itself. I'm doing my best to keep it out of my mind. After all, there's no turning back now!

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