Wednesday, August 1, 2012

On the Halifax Waterfront

Downtown Halifax sits on the Halifax Harbour, and the waterfront seems to be where most of the shops, views and people are. That was especially true since we were there for the Halifax Tall Ships Festival.

We never did see the ships drift into or out of the harbour (when in Canada, spell as the Canadians do!), but we walked along the boardwalk with thousands of other visitors, peering at the ships, close enough to touch. You could board the ships with a special pass, but we never got one. We were content just slowly walking along, taking in the sights.

When it was time to eat, Paul chose a restaurant with outdoor seating just steps away from one of the ships. A few minutes after we were done, the festival fireworks were launched. It was the first evening of vacation, so we were surprised by how cold it was. The weather, however, was a nice change from the heat and humidity we left behind in New York.

The main section of the boardwalk isn't too long or too short, but you can spend a good two or three hours by taking it easy and popping into the stores and souvenir shops, or by sitting on a bench watching the pleasure boats drift by.

And the boardwalk is practically anchored by two things you'll want to visit anyway -- the Historic Properties (I hesitate to use the word "mall" to describe the indoor/outdoor space, since it's all unique shops and restaurants) at one end and the Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market at the other. Unfortunately we visited the market just after breakfast. One of the few things I'd do differently on this trip was go to the market during lunchtime.

We were lucky to be in Halifax during a festival. However, meandering along the harbour even minus the ships would be a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

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