Friday, August 3, 2012

Halifax Odds & Ends

One of the most well-known sites in Halifax -- and the one that may be hardest to miss -- is the Citadel. It sits high above the city, and it's a steep trip down from the Citadel to the waterfront. That, of course, makes for some pretty good city views.

But it's also just an interesting place to visit. The Citadel is a star-shaped fortress that was constructed from 1828 to 1856. We meandered along the upper ramparts and opted for a free 45-minute tour that took us into some of the nooks and crannies -- all of which visitors are able to explore by themselves, but which would be pretty easy to miss without someone who knows where they're going.

Another site you'll find in the Halifax tour books is the City Hall. We didn't go in, but the clocks are what to look for anyway. One of them is set for the exact time of the 1917 Halifax Explosion in the harbour that injured some 9,000 people and ravaged much of the city.

One of the prettiest parts of the city is the Halifax Public Gardens. It's fairly small -- you could easily see the entire park in an hour or so -- but there are beautiful flowers, a lovely pond and lots of well-placed benches. Plus there's a summer Sunday concert series in the gazebo, which we were able to enjoy.

Halifax doesn't have an Eiffel Tower or Brandenburg Gate -- no must-see, world-renowned attraction that's on every to-see list. Instead, it has a handful of excellent ways to wile away an afternoon, and that's just what we wanted on this vacation.

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