Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Prince Edward Island Beaches

At Basin Head Beach

Our visits to a few of the beaches of Prince Edward Island were hit-or-miss.

Almost the first thing we did on our first full day on the island was visit Dalvay by the Sea (known as the White Sands Hotel in the "Anne of Green Gables" movie, and for Prince William and Kate's stay there after their marriage).

Dalvay by the Sea

At Dalvay by the Sea

We drove through part of Prince Edward Island National Park on the way there and parked our car to walk along a couple of beaches. Truth be told, however, I was pretty miserable. It was cold and extremely windy, and I had a slight earache by the time we returned to our vehicle. Luckily no other beaches were on our itinerary the rest of the day; we had only to try our luck during the remainder of the vacation.

And luck was on our side. The next day, after visiting the "Anne" sites, we stopped to get our feet wet at Cavendish Beach. It was a much better day for flitting about the sand. The sun was warm -- hot even - and wading in the cool, salty water felt nice. Paul enjoyed skipping stones -- there were plenty of flat ones about, and the multitude of waves made the actual skipping nearly inevitable.

Paul at Cavendish Beach

Cavendish Beach

The next and last day on Prince Edward Island was our true beach day. We made a couple of stops that day in Greenwich and East Point (more about those places in a future post), but our major destination was Basin Head Beach, also known as Singing Sands. However, the sand doesn't so much sing as squeak when you walk on it just right.

We stayed about two-and-a-half hours. Although I had my swimsuit on, I'm not sure much above my knees got wet. Although currents supposedly make Prince Edward Island beaches the warmest north of the Carolinas, it still felt pretty cold to me. Paul did take a dip or two, but I made myself comfy in the sand with a paperback.

With our visit to Basin Head, we ended up saving the best and most scenic of the beaches we visited for last:

Beach vacations aren't really my cup of tea. I don't like cold water, and I'm not a big fan of heat or getting tan (even at Basin Head I enjoyed myself more when we set up camp in a shady spot). I must admit, however, that our last day at the beach made for a relaxing end of the vacation. And there's nothing like an endless expanse of water before you to remind you of how small you really are.

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