Friday, March 26, 2010

Shopping in New York: A Tale of Inconvenience

Last week I was put in the odd position of describing Meijer to my co-workers.

After a few false starts, one asked if it was like Wal-Mart. Yes, I replied, but better, nicer. Wal-Mart with a touch of Target, I finally declared.

It started when a co-worker was trying to wow us with the sheer variety of items she once bought at a bodega. I refused to be wowed. I don't remember her shopping list, but it was something of the beer-potatoes-batteries-toilet paper variety. Where else could one leave with such an assortment?

Meijer. Except there, you also could get a computer desk and your pictures developed. So there.

I have written many a post rhapsodizing over Meijer and (especially) Kroger, but I do have to admit that bodegas probably offer the most in sheer selection of any store in New York. This, however, comes at a literal price. Except for the fruit, vegetables and a small selection of non-perishable goods, everything is generally much more expensive. And you'll never find the variety of a Meijer. In fact, Meijer's jewelry counter is probably larger than any single bodega.

Nowadays it's fruits and veggies from a bodega, meat from a meat market, other groceries from a grocery store. Medicine, toothpaste and paper towels from an actual pharmacy.

So long, one-stop shopping.

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