Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Scream, You Scream for Free Ice Cream

At 48 degrees, Tuesday wasn't exactly ice cream weather. But the weather's always perfect for free food.

So even though the afternoon was gray and drizzly, after work I hopped a few stops north to the nearest Ben & Jerry's for Free Cone Day. I knew the line would be long, but I didn't expect this:

The scoop shop is on the far left of the photo. The line wrapped around the building to the NYU flags on the right. I estimated about 200 people in front of me, but these guys were pros. In 15 minutes I had my very first taste ever of Cherry Garcia.

It was too cold to linger, so I broke an unwritten rule and took the cone on the train. It was gone by the time I transferred lines at Canal Street.

Ben and Jerry's got me right where they wanted me when Paul and I visited the factory last year during our weekend in Vermont. I'd never had their ice cream before, but now the very thought of it makes my mouth water.

Even still, I'm a Ben and Jerry's novice. This was only the third time I'd ever had it. I tried strawberry cheesecake during the factory tour, and a few weeks later Paul and I got a carton of something else, although I can't remember the name. One of the ingredients was chocolate dinosaurs, and can you ever go wrong with chocolate dinosaurs?


  1. You gotta try the cookie dough ice cream. It is AWESOME!

  2. Oh, and speaking of Ben & Jerry's... If you're looking for a good book, they've got a great story about how they built the business. I highly recommend their book "Ben & Jerry's; The Inside Scoop".



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