Monday, March 8, 2010

Famous People I've Seen in New York


That's not strictly true. I've seen David Letterman and Barbara Walters, but only in the confines of their TV show sets. But I have absolutely never run into a star or even a D-list celebrity in the streets of New York.

I'll occasionally be asked if I've had any chance encounters, both from people in Ohio and those in New York. We'll compare notes-- a reality show star seen here, an actor seen there. I have nothing to add.

Remember the writers' strike in autumn 2007? When all of our favorite TV shows went off the air for a couple of months? That was just shortly after we moved here, before I got a job. I still regret not making my way to Rockefeller Center to see Tina Fey and the like take to the streets.

Now I have to depend on luck. And since -- like most people around here -- I tend not to look anyone in the eye, I'm not holding my breath.

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