Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Most Ill-Advised Ad I've Ever Seen

Carvel is the Dairy Queen of New York, except not as good. I've had a couple of pieces of Carvel's ice cream cake at work, and it's ho-hum. It doesn't even have the fudgy filling!

Carvel frequently has a page in the newspaper ad supplement, and the deals are usually about the same-- buy one get one free, a few bucks off a cake, et cetera.

This week's ad appears normal, but let's look at it a little more closely.

Can you read that label? Yes, folks, that's a Cookie O'Puss.

A Cookie O'Puss.

A quick google informed me that Carvel invented the Cookie Puss in 1970 and later introduced this green version for St. Patrick's Day and added the "O" for an Irish flair. Um, how festive?

And what's up with Carvel's mascot up in the corner?

I can think of a couple of things it looks like, and neither one makes me say, "Yum, lets get some ice cream."

Paul and I happened to walk by a Carvel on Sunday, so I just had to stop in and see a Cookie O'Puss in person. Alas, there wasn't a one in the freezer. Maybe another day.


  1. That brown thing looks like it's saying "Hey hey folks- I'm a piece of poop!!!"

  2. It looks just like poop. Paul called it.

  3. Um, yuck. I think they need to fire their advertising department.

  4. yeah... I didn't know Mr. Hanky had a second job.



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