Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cupcake Wars: S'mores Cupcake from ChikaLicious

Last night I sincerely started hoping that Paul and I would get into a fight sometime soon. I've already told him he can skip the "I'm sorry" flowers. Just get me a s'mores cupcake and all is forgiven.

I recently discovered Blondie and Brownie, and it quickly became my new favorite New York City foodie blog. As the name suggests, the emphasis is on desserts, and reading their posts showed me how much I still have left to eat.

When we're craving dessert, Paul and I almost always go to the neighborhood cupcakery, Little Cupcake. It's become a near-weekly tradition. But last night we were going to be in the neighborhood of NYU (I convinced Paul to accompany me to Peanut Butter & Company-- yet another tasty treat), so I decided to see what B&B would recommend.

A post on the s'mores cupcake caught my eye, and the location was right. So last night we were off to the Dessert Club ChikaLicious for some snacks to-go.

The cupcake surpassed my expectations for tasty goodness. It's a gingerbread-like cake topped with lightly toasted marshmallow "frosting." The real treat is the chocolate filling. It's like biting into a cupcake truffle.

I have a growing list of cupcakes to try in the city, but this one'll be tough to beat.



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