Monday, March 16, 2009

Yet Another Reason to Pay Us a Visit

See Paul in the upper right corner? At the American Museum of Natural History.

We haven't had overnight visitors since last June or July. Are Paul and I that forgettable? I hope not.

In any case, we need some visitors! And if the pleasure of our company just isn't enough, here's yet another reason: free admission to the American Museum of Natural History.

After the Met, it's probably the most famous museum in town. It's got a bit of everything: dinosaurs, gigantic taxidermy displays, exhibits on space and Earth (take a look at the photos from our first visit last year). Besides being featured in the Ben Stiller flick "Night at the Museum," it also played a part in one of my favorite Baby-Sitters Club books way back when.

To make a short story long, Paul gets in free to several museums in the city through his workplace's corporate sponsorships. Usually he can take a guest for free, which works out well for me.

That's why we used to go to the Guggenheim every couple of months, whenever the exhibits changed. But when we tried to visit a couple of weekends ago, we were told that the sponsorship had dissolved. Disappointed, we went to the Met instead (not such a bad replacement, I know).

So Paul got an updated list of museums where we could get in free, and lo and behold the American Museum of Natural History had been added to the list. Since tickets are normally $15 per person and I'm a cheapskate, this makes me very happy. Even better: He can bring 5 guests free, too.

We have an empty spare room in addition to a comfortable couch. Who's first?


  1. I didn't realize it- but in Night at the Museum, it's a T Rex that chases Ben Stiller, but at the real museum it's some other kind of Dinosaur.

  2. Phil and I want to come! Maybe toward the end of June? I definitely want to come in nice weather.



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