Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Alone Together with Atticus

A friend texted me yesterday morning with a proposal I couldn't refuse: a last-minute play date between Edith and her daughter while I got some alone time with Atticus.

It dawned on me -- I've had quite a bit of time alone with him at home, either while Edith is asleep or out with Daddy. But I'm not sure if Atticus and I have ever been out alone together. We went to baby lap time at the library, something we often do with Edith. But this time he got my undivided attention.

It was strange looking out for only one kid. And so easy!

Paul and I have both taken Edith on errands and adventures alone. I didn't realize until yesterday that Atticus should have a chance to see the world (or at least our pocket of Columbus) without being in anyone's shadow as well.

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