Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Our Lost Week of Sickness

Before Edith was born, I was sick for all of April due to morning sickness. When I was pregnant with Atticus, it was the entire month of September. I consider these my "lost months," when all I did was watch TV and try not to puke.

Last week reminded me a lot of those times. As a family, we had a lost week.

It started on Tuesday. I was making lunch when Edith came over to me in the kitchen and told me her belly hurt. About 15 seconds later she hurled all over the cabinet, the floor, her clothes and my feet. Thus started four hours of misery for poor Edith. She puked about every 20 minutes and then took a two hour nap. When she awoke, she was her same old self, only hungrier.

I texted Paul to warn him what he was about to return home to. He replied that he, too, wasn't feeling well and was about to come home early.  Thus started TWO days of misery for poor Paul. He stayed home from work for a day, a rarity for him.

By Thursday, it was my turn. Luckily, I just felt lousy but wasn't actually physically sick. (The telltale sign that I'm not well -- even peanut butter didn't sound good.) I was a bit under the weather for a good day or two, but nothing like Edith or Paul.

And Atticus? He's been his same cheery self. No harm, no foul for that lucky, lucky boy.

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