Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dinner at Aab India Restaurant

Ever since we joined a CSA in Brooklyn, Paul's been into making Indian food at home. The strong spices required in curries were the perfect way to mask the natural taste of many of the bitter greens we would receive week after week! But we also simply like the taste of Indian food. Yet we rarely (never?) go to Indian restaurants. On Saturday, however, we visited Aab India Restaurant in Dublin.

We visited during Restaurant Week, which meant we got three courses for one set price. We each ordered vegetable pakora, a type of deep fried fritter.

We then chose a piece of naan and garlic naan. And for the main course, we each picked something we knew: I got the saag paneer, which is a spinach-based dish with cheese cubes. Paul ordered chicken tikka masala, which features tender strips of chicken in an orange tomato-based sauce.

Edith liked the pakora about as much as we did and couldn't get enough of the naan. The main dishes were spicy and good, with plenty leftover for later meals.

The atmosphere was pleasant, but certainly not so fancy that we felt out of place with a toddler. They had high chairs, and Edith was content looking around. All in all, a good meal. I'm anxious to return for Aab's weekend buffet so I can explore Indian dishes that I haven't yet tried.

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