Monday, May 19, 2014

A Night Out at 'The Book of Mormon'

It was a toss-up as to which I was more excited about: seeing "The Book of Mormon" at the Ohio Theater in Columbus, or having only my third kid-free night with Paul since Edith was born.

Paul and I tried to get "Book of Mormon" rush tickets through the lottery system in New York more than two years ago with no luck. When a couple of our friends earlier this year asked if we'd be interested in getting tickets with them to see the travel production, we didn't hesitate.

As for the kid-free night -- it's totally our own fault that we don't have more. Paul's family on the west side of Columbus is always willing to watch Edith, but we just don't often taken them up on it. On Friday, however, Paul's mom occupied a happy Edith while we went out to dinner with our friends and saw the show.

"Book of Mormon" is a raunchy musical centering on two young Mormon missionaries who are sent to Uganda to spread their teachings and convert residents to their faith. It wasn't the best musical of all time (I largely prefer the classics, like "South Pacific" and "Anything Goes"), but it was far from the worst and I would certainly recommend it. A good time was had by all!

As much as I enjoyed the show, it was almost just as nice to eat a good meal in which I didn't have to worry about anyone's manners, what or how much they were eating or whether they were properly using a spoon. An evening in which I could actually relax.

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