Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Review: Indianola Park, aka Dinosaur Park

I had heard tell of a mysterious playground in the northern reaches of our fair burg, known by the name of Dinosaur Park. Alas, I knew very little else, other than that one must travel north on the thoroughfare known as Indianola Avenue.

How far away it was, I knew not. Nevertheless, Edith and I drove north looking for dinosaurs.

We found them shortly after Indianola Avenue -- one of Clintonville's main streets -- became little more than a local road just past the Columbus boundaries, into Worthington. Two green plastic dinosaurs greeted us before I saw the sign announcing the park's real name: aptly, Indianola Park.

I liked this park. The equipment looked shiny and new, but even better -- there was a special little-kids section that wasn't as tall (or as ominous for us nervous parents). That's always a plus in my book, and something that you don't find at all of the parks.

The section for the older kids looked especially fun, but we'll have to wait a few years before Edith can truly play over there. She tried though, and we explored a little when we had the equipment to ourselves.

The park also had tennis courts, I believe some basketball hoops, and, of course, swings. The bucket swings were better than the ones normally found at parks. They were higher, which made it easy for underdogs.

And don't forget about the bouncy dinosaurs. Not yet Edith's cup of tea, I guess.

In summary, I liked Indianola Park just as much as Clinton-Como Park, but it's distance from home means we likely won't come often. However, this is one park I'll keep in mind for a change of scenery -- especially as Edith grows older and gravitates more toward the big-kid playground equipment.

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