Monday, May 5, 2014

Review: Clinton-Como Park & Tuttle Park Playgrounds

One of the big perks of living where we do is the number of playgrounds within walking distance. Off the top of my head I can think of five within two miles, with three of those being significantly closer.

So as the weather got warmer, Edith and I began exploring. Within about a week of each other we walked south on the Olentangy Trail and visited two parks and playgrounds: Tuttle Park and Clinton-Como Park.

First up was Tuttle Park, which is one of the further away playgrounds, near the Ohio State University campus. Since the park is on the Olentangy Trail, however, it's a pleasant stroll along the river.

Tuttle Park: A playground mostly for big kids.

The playground as seen from the trail.

Like many of the area playgrounds, this one seems mostly geared toward older children, but there were at least some bucket swings. We were the only ones there aside from some construction workers and I think one guy in the outdoor hockey area. But I expect the area will be hopping when the adjacent pool opens for the summer.

Closer to home but still on the trail is Clinton-Como Park. I believe the playground equipment was installed just a few weeks before we visited this spring, so we were one of the first to try it out.

Of the several parks we have visited, this has been my favorite. It has bucket swings, of course, but it also has a play area for smaller kids, with a few slides and a kind of tilted climbing wall that even Edith could use.

Clinton-Como Park playground: Stuff for the little ones.

And Edith even had fun with some of the big kid toys.

Like our trip to Tuttle Park, we visited Clinton-Como in the morning. Clinton-Como, however, was pleasantly busy -- several kids and even a dog, although it was a blustery day.

So Clinton-Como Park will be on our playground rotation, and I'm excited to check out a few more throughout the spring and summer.

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