Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Low Country Food of the Carolinas and Georgia

More than anything else, our trip to South Carolina and Georgia was about FOOD. I think I had pulled pork every night but one. No complaints.

In addition to meat, I also had my fill of sweet tea. It's odd: Normally I hate buying drinks in restaurants. But if I'm in the South, I make an exception for sweet tea. (My other exception: Thai iced tea in any Thai restaurant.) I'm sure I gave myself about four cavities from all of it I downed.

Edith also tried a lot of new foods. She got her fill of grits, and I couldn't feed her enough baked beans -- they might have been the sweetest food she had tried up to that point. And cornbread. I hated giving it to her because I wanted it all to myself! But I was a good mama and shared.

Here are some of our memorable meals and foods.

Fried okra was a popular side that Paul and I both liked.
Edith's favorite side by far was baked beans.

Favorite sides of the trip: plantains, plus sweet potato salad

Tomato pie in Hilton Head Island. Yum!

Paul got the fried chicken at Hilton Head.

Paul getting boiled peanuts at a roadside stand outside Charleston.

No pulled pork tonight! Cornbread, tomato pudding, sweet potatoes and fried grits.
Edith liked this meal as much as I did.

Another meal without pork: We waited until our last day to get seafood.

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