Friday, December 20, 2013

A Home Ready for Christmas

In Brooklyn we didn't have much space to decorate for Christmas. Although we might have had room to squeeze in a Christmas tree, we certainly wouldn't have had room to store it. Instead, I emptied out our curio cabinet and gingerly placed our ornaments there.

Even though we now have plenty of space for a full-size tree, we opted for a tabletop version this year to completely eliminate the temptation for Edith. The tree sits on the buffet in the dining room, easily visible from the living room. And I enjoy looking at it -- and the ornaments we sat around the base -- at every meal.

One holdover from our Brooklyn Christmases: lights around the window. Since there's no tree in the window, I have to give passers-by something to look at!

I didn't get a wreath to hang outside by the door. Maybe next year. But I did hang garland and a big red ribbon on our stairway, and a string of musical, lit bells and a stocking around the fireplace. And on top of a bookcase, next to the globes, our small, wooden nativity, with Paul's old animals-made-of-clothespins looking on. Because is it really Christmas if Rudolph isn't gazing at the baby Jesus?

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