Friday, May 13, 2011

Suite Seats, Sweet Food & a Mets Win

Last weekend we went to a Mets game and had the best seats in the house -- at least according to my stomach.

Paul called me at work last Friday and said his company offered him and several of his coworkers two tickets apiece in the company suite at Citifield. Would I like to go? Obviously.

Paul sat in the suite earlier this year when he got tickets for himself and a client, but this was my first experience. First of all, the room. It was probably bigger than half of the studio apartments in New York City, with a nicer kitchen. There was a couch, a table and chairs and stools along a kitchen counter, not to mention two flat-screen TV's playing the game.

But who wants to watch the TV on the screen? There were two rows of seats completely outdoors with counters on which you could sit copious amounts of food and drink (more about that in a second).It was a little chilly, but just comfortable enough that the floor-to-ceiling windows that normally separate the outdoors from the indoors were hidden from view,   Paul and I sat "indoors," right behind the last outdoor row, on high stools, also at a counter.

We got there as the national anthem was being sung, and already there was more food than the dozen or so of us ever could have downed in nine innings. Hot dogs. Chicken wings. Chicken tenders. Potato Salad. Cole slaw. French fries. Potato crisps. Salad. Vegetable tray. A little while later, a tray of hamburgers and a freezer full of Shake Shack shakes. At the bottom of the fourth: soft pretzels with nacho cheese and mustard. Toward the end of the game: stuffed s'mores -- think ravioli-shaped graham crackers filled with marshmallows and chocolate.

And don't forget a fridge full of beer, pop and other drinks, along with two bottles of wine on the counter.

The food was surprisingly good -- better, I think, than what you normally get at a game, but maybe the setting made everything taste delicious. You can tell I'm not used to such fine baseball dining -- I had an instinctive urge to take home the leftovers, although of course I didn't. But the urge was even stronger when I found out a platter of hamburgers was $100 and a plate of potato crisps was $30.

Baseball, free food, plenty of drink, good company: what could make an evening more pleasant. Oh, yeah. The Mets actually won.

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