Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NYC's Best Doughnut Search: Dough

My search for the best doughnut in New York City took an unexpected turn to the Brooklyn Flea.

When we visited the outdoor flea market a few weekends ago, amid the old typewriters and ironic t-shirts was Dough. The doughnut shop, based in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, was displaying doughnuts like I've seen nowhere else -- certainly not in the cookie-cutter doughnut shops of New York.

Dough offered classic flavors like cinnamon sugar as well as more unique ones like hibiscus, and I couldn't resist the bright pink frosting of the latter. I forked over $2 and got the doughnut wrapped up in a brown paper bag to go. I couldn't wait to get home, eat lunch and take a big bite.

The doughnut was the size of a big grapefruit and had about the same heft. But the weight was pure frosting -- the doughnut itself was light and airy. The frosting tasted, well, pink. It was super sweet with a slightly sour, fruity punch. Maybe it tasted just like hibiscus. I've never tasted it before, not even in tea, so I'm not sure.

Overall, delicious. So much better than Dunkin' Donuts or Tim Horton's that it's not even a fair comparison. My mouth is watering just typing these sentences. I'll definitely be returning.

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