Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Polonica: Good, Cheap Polish Food in Bay Ridge

Nowadays when my parents come to visit, I try to make it a point to introduce them to some new kind of food. I haven't quite convinced them to go to my favorite Korean restaurant, but we tasted success at a Thai restaurant in my neighborhood last year. Maybe that's why they were ready to take my word for it that Polish food is pretty good, too.

Polonica is about a half mile from our apartment and I think the only Polish restaurant I've ever visited. And I've only ever ordered one dish: pierogi. So, as you can tell, I'm not really a connoisseur of Polish cuisine. But I like what I like, and these pierogi are good. Mom was persuaded to order the same, and we were both happy.

Dad got the classic Polish Platter -- kielbasa, three pierogi and stuffed cabbage. Paul opted for the massive Hungarian pancakes with some kind of hearty meat and gravy. The best part of these entrees, however, is that they come with the "house salad" -- not limp lettuce with ranch dressing, but instead small servings of pickled beets and various slaws. It could nearly be a meal in itself, and Paul always shares.

Polish Platter, with the house salad in the upper left corner

Mom and Dad called it the best meal of their weekend visit, and it was difficult to disagree. And so Bay Ridge comes through for the second year in a row when it comes to new food that's inoffensive to my parents' palates. Now for next year ...

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