Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas in Ohio: 11 Odds and Ends

Outside Lima, Ohio

1. My sister, Katie, wins the prize for most creative gift: lip balm called "Chicken Poop." Reassuringly, the tube states that it "contains no poop."

2. I miss pizza buffets.

3. And especially dessert pizza.

4. After eight years in Ohio and three in New York, deer have become wondrous parts of nature instead of everyday sights. Paul and I saw a pack of 13 about a mile from the house one Thursday evening.

Two deer at my parents' house

5. Peanut brittle is delicious.

6. I'm glad I don't have an appointment with the dentist soon.

7. I walked into a Kroger grocery store in Columbus and realized the empty space at the entrance, just past the sliding doors, is probably larger than my Bay Ridge grocery store is altogether.

Between Defiance and Columbus

8. I dislike sleeping in a twin bed.

9. I can't complain about sleeping in a twin bed at my parents' house since I traded them that bed for the double bed we have at our current apartment. I got the better end of that deal.

10. If there is a bowl of flavored Tootsie Rolls within sight, Paul will eat them all. Or at least give it his best shot.

11. I'm already counting down the days until next Christmas.

Between Defiance and Columbus

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