Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Trashy Start to the New Year

As if returning to the real world after a week of vacation and holidays wasn't bad enough, we got to New York City only to find that it looked like an even bigger city had taken a giant dump on it.

We missed the brunt of the blizzard that covered the city in 20 inches of snow just after Christmas. Instead, we came home to piles of trash.

Garbage was collected on Monday for the first time since the storm -- but it wasn't picked up everywhere. I counted 65 bulging bags on one block near our apartment; about 40 on another. There's a good 35 bags just at our 6-unit building alone.

In fact, an Associated Press brief notes that a man who jumped from his ninth-floor apartment was saved  when he landed in a pile of garbage bags.

Most of the snow was gone when we got into Brooklyn late Sunday night. The curbs had just enough snow to make parking annoying but not impossible. The sidewalks, unfortunately, are still lined with snow and ice. I'm a long way from the 62-degree weather I was blessed with in Columbus on New Year's Eve.

If the return to New York was trashy, my week in Ohio was just the opposite. More on that Friday.

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