Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2.0: Winter in New York

I missed the big post-Christmas blizzard that slammed New York with about 20 inches last month, so I was surprisingly eager for the sequel Tuesday night.

The snow started in the early evening, and we watched the snow quickly cover the cars across the street, the sidewalks and the sky. It was still going strong when we went to bed about midnight. Everyone was prepared for an onslaught.

Paul had a pre-scheduled conference call Wednesday morning to determine whether he and his co-workers would be expected to come into work. They were. I logged onto the MTA website on my phone from bed, saw that my subway line was running normally and realized this snowmageddon was anything but.

I shimmied into my calf-high plastic rain boots that do double-duty as snow boots -- a must-have for New York winters and springs. The neighborhood roads had been plowed, and most of the sidewalks were clear, too. My boots came in handiest at the sloppy intersections.

Only a few sections of the sidewalk hadn't yet been cleared, but the commuters who had come before me had already pounded down a narrow path through the snow. The worst part of my trek to the subway was the slick and slushy steps leading down into the station.

We received eight or nine inches of snow, but my commute was exactly the same, but slipperier. The only indication that this winter hasn't been normal are the gigantic piles of snow -- some almost as tall as me -- that surround the cars, a leftover from blizzards past.

All in all, Wednesday's "blizzard" ended up being more of an annoyance than a snowpocalypse.

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