Monday, July 19, 2010

My Birthday (Observed) at South Pacific

I turned 29 last Thursday, but my iPhone turned one.

They grow up so fast.

The phone was my birthday present from Paul last year, and we both knew he was going to have a tough time beating that. But I have to say he did pretty well this year. He got us tickets to see South Pacific on Broadway on Saturday.

When we moved to New York, I swore I was going to see a Broadway show every month -- or at least somewhat regularly. Regrettably, I've fallen into a lull. Why see it this Saturday when I can just go next weekend? As it turns out, South Pacific was only the fifth show we've seen in the last three years.

As the orchestra began playing the score, however, I wondered what had taken me so long to get there. It really was a beautiful production, with several of the original cast members (including Paulo Szot, who won a Tony for his role as Emile de Becque).

After the three-hour show, we lingered outside the theater. The night was hot but ever so much cooler than when the sun was out, and dozens of people were sitting on an elevated lawn outside the theater, or gathered around the fountain outside Lincoln Center.

The lawn, with Juilliard in the background, before the show

The fountain, after the show

I wanted to move to New York for experiences like these, and I left the theater realizing I must do a better job making sure they happen. Maybe that was the best birthday present after all.


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  1. Love those photos of the fountain! Beautiful!



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