Monday, July 26, 2010

Renewing Our Lease on New York

We haven't yet renewed the lease on our apartment, but we've effectively renewed our lease on New York.

Paul accepted a new job at the bank last week and expects to start in September. That means we'll be in New York for at least another year. Probably two.

Before Paul took the job we had some long discussions about how long we plan to stay in New York. We still haven't come to a decision. After all, when we first moved here, we planned to remain for two years, maybe three. This October is our third anniversary here.

Of course, we miss our family and friends in Ohio. The feeling is even more acute now, since we haven't been home since Christmas -- the longest either of us has ever been away. But neither of us feels that we are through with New York. There's so much to discover that three years isn't nearly enough. But then again, a lifetime probably isn't either.

I still feel a twinge of regret (and more than a twinge of guilt) when I think about the long gaps between visits home. But I'm happy. And even better, I'm content.

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