Monday, September 14, 2009

Snow Cones for Grownups

When it comes to drinks, conventional knowledge says that New York far exceeds Columbus in variety-- if you're willing to pay.

But maybe Columbus is catching up ... without the corresponding price tag.

For example:

When my friend Sam wanted to visit Columbus' Bristol Bar during her bachelorette party Labor Day weekend, I was eager to follow. Our book club met there nearly every month, drawn by the $2 martinis during happy hour.

But Bristol had just undergone some renovations and had introduced some new drinks.

Snow cones.

For $3 the bar fashioned a mixed drink over crushed ice in a traditional paper snow cone cup. My vodka-and-passion-fruit-cordial was tasty, messy, and cold. Maybe it's not as classy as a martini, but it sure is more fun.


  1. I can't believe no one has thought of those here. In Baltimore, snow balls (basically snow cones, they're just called balls ... haha) are a HUGE thing. I don't care for them, but maybe I would if there were liquor in them!!



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